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Execution of cooling and thermal insulation projects for process plants in general.

We have a multidisciplinary team that is in charge of executing projects efficiently.

Being a benchmark in industrial refrigeration, we have experience in the execution of refrigeration projects, being supported by our clients.

We execute refrigeration projects with ammonia systems, ecological refrigerants and / or glycol, for process plants dedicated to the export of products such as prawns, scallops, grapes, avocados, mangoes, asparagus, among others.

We are committed and adapt to the client's needs, always complying with good practices and current regulations.


  • Hydrocoolers
  • Raw material chambers
  • Gasification, degreening and / or maturation chambers
  • Ice maker
  • Air-conditioned process rooms
  • Continuous freezing tunnels
  • Plate Freezers
  • Frozen product storage chambers
  • Fruit and vegetable processing rooms
  • Californian cooling tunnels
  • Double door central evaporator type cooling tunnels
  • Cooling tunnels for packed and palletized product
  • IQF double band fluidized bed continuous freezing tunnels
  • Stationary tunnel type Blast Freezers
  • Frozen product storage chambers
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Refrigerated, sectional, emergency, pedestrian, industrial doors
  • Thermal windows, plastic and forced air curtains
  • Equipment for loading docks, dock height leveling ramps, dock seals, dispatch doors and dock lamps

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